Have you ever built something using bricks and mortar? The combination is essential to construct something that is solid and strong. Each component is just as important as the other, with the bricks providing substance and the mortar offering strength.

At Tyson Foods, we look at the elements of our strategic plan as the bricks or building blocks of our future, while our principles of sustainability are the mortar holding the bricks together.

We’ve worked hard to stabilize our business in the face of challenging market conditions in recent years. Our strategy calls for us to build on our commitment to fundamentals and balance sheet strength, by focusing on ways to “accelerate, innovate, and cultivate.

We’re accelerating growth by producing more value-added chicken and prepared foods and by expanding our international presence.

Our company is innovating by working with customers and consumers to create products, packaging solutions and other services that enable us to make a sustainable difference in the way we do business.

We’re cultivating our Team Members through talent development. Whether it’s training our sales force, manufacturing teams, or support staff, we’re working to ensure we have the people with the technical and leadership skills we need to maintain growth.

But none of these strategic building blocks will lead to long-term success unless our business is also sustainable.

Sustainability is about doing the right thing in all aspects of our business so the company can stand strong for many years to come. At Tyson Foods, sustainability includes such important areas as food safety, environmental protection, animal well-being, ethical business practices, and worker health and safety. It also involves maintaining a strong bottom line since we must manage our financial resources first in order to pay for our social, environmental, and product-related efforts.

Sustainability at Tyson Foods consists of four key areas: people, planet, profit, and products. These are not optional aspects of our business. They are each fundamental, uncompromising areas that require our continuous commitment and care.

These sustainability efforts also cradle Tyson Foods’ purpose statement: Making Great Food. Making a Difference.™ We believe this simple message conveys who we are as a company. It reflects our passion and commitment to safe, innovative food production as well as our desire to make a difference in people’s lives through efforts like community involvement, hunger relief, and disaster assistance.

Donnie Smith

Donnie Smith
President and CEO

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