Tyson Foods’ employees, whom we call Team Members, are our most valued resource. They enjoy many rights, benefits, and responsibilities at Tyson Foods such as a safe workplace, freedom from discrimination and retaliation, and compensation for work performed. These rights, benefits, and responsibilities are described in detail in our Team Member Bill of Rights and correspond with, or are in addition to, all other rights provided by state or federal law.

We recognize our continued success as an organization depends on the knowledge, skills, and diverse thoughts of our Team Members. We have a tradition of building leadership from within. Education and advancement opportunities are available from entry-level positions to senior management. We actively foster an environment of inclusion and diversity because we know that it takes the thoughts, backgrounds, and talents of all our Team Members to make our company successful.

Tyson Foods is more than just a great company to work for. At Tyson Foods, “we strive to be a company of diverse people working together to produce food.” Additionally, we strive to be “honorable people” and to be a “faith-friendly company.” We believe these commitments contribute to a competitive advantage through increased innovation, improved customer and investor confidence, and attraction and retention of outstanding Team Members.

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