Environmental Quality Testing Members of our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Services department develop and administer our environmental protection and resource conservation programs. This includes Team Members serving in key environmental roles at both the corporate and processing-plant locations. Corporate-based environmental professionals report to our Senior Vice President and Chief Environmental, Health and Safety Officer. Environmental professionals based at our processing plants report to their facility’s management team with a dotted line of reporting to our corporate EHS organization.

Working in partnership, these professionals provide oversight for a variety of programs, such as air permit compliance, risk management planning, routine chemical reporting, solid and hazardous waste management, storm water pollution prevention, spill prevention, and wastewater treatment and discharge. Additionally, these professionals:

  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities for managing environmental compliance
  • Provide environmental training to hourly, management support, and management Team Members
  • Participate in the development of local, state, and federal environmental programs, standards, and regulations
  • Evaluate new and emerging environmental technologies and programs
  • Drive continual improvement with an emphasis on pollution prevention, conservation, recycling, and operational efficiency

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