SUSTAINABILITY REPORT When it comes to food safety in the home, our consumers are in control. We are committed to offering tools and resources to help them safely prepare and serve our products once they get them home. At, customers and consumers can access extensive information related to food safety including guidance for buying, storing, thawing, preparing, and cooking our chicken, beef, and pork products.

If our customers and consumers would like to ask us questions about our products directly, we encourage them to “Ask Willie.” Willie Barber, affectionately known to us as Miss Willie, has worked in the chicken industry for more than 28 years and for Tyson Foods as the Manager of Consumer Information Services since 1991. Willie and her team of Consumer Information Services representatives, respond to calls, letters, and emails from our customers and consumers. These representatives are trained to respond to concerns about food safety and quality, nutritional content, food storage and preparation, and new product lines. Various expert resources also support these representatives. This includes Tyson Foods Team Members with doctorates in chemistry, microbiology, food sciences, and nutrition and members of our food safety and quality assurance and marketing departments. To ensure a direct line of communication with our food safety and quality experts, our Consumer Information Services team reports to our company’s senior vice president of Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

Willie Barber
Willie Barber
Manager, Consumer Information Services
If a question cannot be answered immediately, we will respond within 48 hours via phone, email, or other customer-preferred method. During fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012 we heard from approximately 470,000 customers and consumers. The majority of these requests focused on the safe handling of our products, specific product and animal concerns, corporate inquiries, and marketing promotions. The ideas and thoughts of our customers and consumers are very important to us. This feedback helps ensure we are providing the taste, value, and convenience our customers and consumers want, and helps us maintain a focus on continual improvement.

We are also committed to providing our customers and consumers with helpful information on meal ideas, economical protein solutions, and feeding children healthy protein products they love. At, consumers can access Tyson Foods’ Meal Ideas and Recipes and collect five days of dinner recipes, which change each week or search for recipes based on the recipe name, a specific ingredient, or the meal type or occasion. All recipes featured on are presented with nutritional information based on serving size. Each recipe is also presented with time estimates related to preparation, marination, and cooking, as well as safe handling reminders, serving suggestions, and substitution tips.

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