The Tyson Foods 2012 Sustainability Report covers fiscal year 2012 (October 2, 2011-September 29, 2012) and offers select highlights from fiscal years 2010 (October 4, 2009-October 2, 2010) and 2011 (October 3, 2010-October 1, 2011). This report marks a change in our sustainability reporting process as we transition from a biennial reporting cycle to an annual reporting cycle.

As with our 2005, 2007, and 2009 sustainability reports, this report provides a comprehensive and transparent review of our commitment to, and advancement towards social progress, environmental stewardship, economic growth, and product responsibility. More specifically, this report details our social, environmental, economic, and product performance for our United States operations, with additional information provided on select International operations, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. Unless otherwise noted:

  • The scope of this report does not include economic, product, social, or environmental data from suppliers, independent producers, external organizations, or activities over which the company has limited control or influence.
  • Monetary data throughout this report is stated in U.S. dollars.

Roberts Environmental Center at Claremont McKenna College Fourth-Best Overall Company
in the Food-Industry Category

In August 2011, Tyson Foods received an A- on its sustainability “report card” from the Roberts Environmental Center of Claremont McKenna College.

Tyson Foods was the fourth-best overall company in the food-industry category, reflecting the steady improvement the company has made since Claremont began grading its sustainability reports.

The report pointed out several significant efforts our Team Members are making every day toward corporate, environmental, and social sustainability.

Report Sections