Tyson Foods owns seven No. 1 brands in breakfast sausage, fresh chicken, frozen protein breakfast, smoked sausage, hot dogs, corndogs, stack pack bacon, and super premium sausage.

Core Brands
Sustainable Food Production in the Marketplace

Successful companies know their future depends on providing the quality products customers and consumers expect and deserve. We have become a leader in branded protein because of our strong belief in this statement. Our approach to food safety and quality is comprehensive, preventive, and proactive. We implement controls and measures at every level to make sure our products are second-to-none in food safety and quality.

We are also working to provide consumers options for healthier eating and balanced lifestyles, while demonstrating that great taste, high quality and good health don’t have to be constant trade-offs.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance at a Glance (Fiscal 2015)

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Team Members


Certified Labs


Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certified Plants


Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 3 Certified Plants


Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 2 Certified Plants


British Retail Consortium (BRC) Certified Plants


Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 Certified Plants


Product Recalls

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We assess our products for improvement during product research and development, packaging development, manufacturing and production, marketing and promotion, storage and distribution, and use. We believe this approach helps guarantee the safety and quality of our products from the farm all the way to the dinner table. We are fully committed to our Core Values statement “We feed our families, the nation, and the world with trusted food products.”

Food Safety and Quality

Nothing is more important to our business than maintaining the confidence customers and consumers have in our products. Sustaining our company’s future means we must place the highest priority on food safety and quality. We use state-of-the-art food safety systems, provide education and information that helps our customers and consumers use our products safely, continuously improve our product safety, and demand safe raw materials and ingredients from our suppliers.

Supporting Our Customers and Consumers

We offer consumers many tools and resources to help them safely prepare and serve our products once they get them home. At, customers and consumers can find a variety of information about food safety, from tips for buying, storing, thawing, preparing, and cooking our products, to meal ideas, promotional information, economical protein solutions, and feeding children healthy protein products they love.

Staying in Touch

Our team of Consumer Relations Representatives respond to social media inquiries, telephone calls, letters, and emails from our customers and consumers. The ideas and thoughts of our customers and consumers are very important to us. Their feedback helps ensure we're providing the taste, value, and convenience they deserve.

  • 468,000 Inquiries

  • During fiscal years 2014 and 2015, we heard from approximately 468,000 customers and consumers.

Black Pearl Award
  • Tyson Foods Receives Black Pearl Award

  • We were honored to receive the distinguished International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Black Pearl Award for food safety. The award is given to one company annually for its efforts in advancing food safety and quality.

Research & Development

Our two state-of-the-art Research & Development (R&D) facilities are located in Springdale, Arkansas, and Downers Grove, Illinois. They’re the hub of exploration for our company, allowing us to leverage rapid prototyping, scientific approaches to understanding product attributes important to consumers, and techniques to uncover insights.


We’ve assembled a world-class R&D team of food scientists; chefs; health and wellness leaders; and packaging, engineering, sensory, and regulatory experts. This team transforms our company’s pipeline of new product ideas into great food products.

  • 254 New Products Launched in Fiscal 2015

  • Our R&D team is constantly working to serve our customers and consumers delicious new products they'll love.

  • 1,000 and Counting

  • At any given time, more than 1,000 R&D projects are in the works.

What’s next?

That’s the question our R&D team asks every day when they set to work. Their eyes on the future, they keep us focused on creating value for our customers and consumers with the food products they desire and deserve. They help us identify opportunities by aligning company strategies and capabilities with consumer and marketplace trends.

Learn more about our Research & Development efforts.

Responsible Ingredient Sourcing

We’re committed to providing the world with trusted food products, and we partner with ingredient suppliers who share the same commitment. All ingredient suppliers must comply with food safety regulations and standards that apply to their operations, such as those set forth by USDA, FDA, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. We also require ingredient suppliers commit to the Global Food Safety Initiative and gain certification against one of the benchmarked standards.

These ingredients become part of our finished products. In addition to major purchases of agricultural commodities, such as wheat, corn, rice, soy, dairy, and vegetables, we also purchase ingredients that provide flavor, protect product integrity, promote food safety, and offer additional value to our customers.

While we do not disclose, for competitive reasons, specific details about the source of our ingredients, the majority of our operations are based in the U.S., and we purchase most of our ingredients from U.S.-based suppliers.

In addition to food safety, our ingredient sourcing team focuses on eliminating supply risk. This is accomplished by vetting multiple suppliers for each ingredient to ensure we have redundancy built into our supply chain. We also ensure each supplier has a robust continuity plan so we can continue to supply our customers with safe, quality food if there is an interruption in one part of the supply chain.

Promoting Health and Nutrition and Providing Specialty Products

Health and wellness are important to our customers and consumers. We make a variety of food products that deliver on taste, nutrition, and convenience that can fit into any lifestyle. One important aspect of serving consumers’ needs in this area is appropriate labeling of products and ingredients. We’re committed to ensuring our products are packaged and labeled according to our high standards and meet government regulations.

No Antibiotics Ever

Our NatureRaised Farms® brand offers products from animals that are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics and are 100% natural (minimally processed with no artificial ingredients). Our Open Prairie Natural Angus® brand products are created from animals that are raised without added hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, our Aidells® brand offers a variety of premium sausages for consumers with gourmet flavors, some of which contain no preservatives, no nitrites, and are from animals that have never been given antibiotics or added hormones.*

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones and steroids in chicken.

Reducing Sodium

As part of our continuing efforts to provide healthful food options to meet consumers’ and our customers’ needs, we’re focused on ways to limit the use of sodium in our products without significantly affecting flavor or compromising food safety.

Gluten Free Products

Consumers with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy can trust Tyson® gluten free chicken nuggets and breast strips to deliver on flavor and convenience. Both products are certified gluten free, 100% all natural (minimally processed with no artificial ingredients), contain no preservatives or fillers, and are made with white meat chicken. In addition, to our gluten free protein products, we offer waffles, pancakes, French toast sticks, cereals and more, that are gluten free, include whole grains and meet the growing need for expanding nutritional options.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

We’ve been working over the past several years to reduce the use of partially hydrogenated oil (PHO) in our products. We also comply with the Food and Drug Administration's rules and regulations regarding their use.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released in January 2016. The guidance comes every five years and is the backbone of all federal feeding programs, such as the National School Lunch, Head Start, and Adult Feeding programs. It’s also used as a resource for health professionals and policymakers. The new guidelines reaffirmed the role of lean meat and poultry in a healthy diet.

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans reaffirm the role of lean meat and poultry in a healthy diet. The dietary guidelines are intended to help Americans choose foods that help maintain health. As noted in the guidelines, people eat foods and nutrients in combination, not isolation; so it makes sense that the focus of this release of the guidelines is on overall eating patterns. Healthy eating patterns include protein foods from both plant and animal sources. As noted in the key recommendations, “a variety of protein foods,” includes lean meat and poultry, seafood, eggs, legumes (beans and peas), and nuts, seeds, and soy products, and all offer important sources of nutrients, in addition to protein. Lean protein provides nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, that help keep us strong and healthy at all ages

We provide a variety of protein choices for all meal and snack occasions to support healthy eating patterns. Following healthy eating patterns is vital to health. We believe the key to a healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet with a variety of foods in sensible amounts and regular physical activity across the lifespan.

Stepping Up For Back-To-School

The combination of Tyson Foods and Hillshire Brands in August 2014 created a single company with a portfolio that includes recognized brands, such as Tyson®, Jimmy Dean®, Ball Park®, State Fair®, Sara Lee® and Bosco’s®. We put our hearts into creating the safest, most wholesome products available, including those we make for our Tyson Food Service K12 school business.

  • 31 products meet USDA’s “Smart Snacks in Schools” regulations
  • More than 280 products meet specific school nutrition regulations for fat, sodium, and calorie content
  • 46 Kid Tested, Kid Approved™ products
  • 125 K12 products carry the Whole Grain Stamp from the Whole Grain Council
  • 112 products eligible for federal funds reimbursement for schools and meet school lunch nutrition standards through 2022

At the close of the 2014-2015 school year, our customers gained two new reasons to partner with Tyson Food Service K12.

We remain an active, longtime sponsor and Patron Member of the School Nutrition Association, a national, nonprofit professional organization representing more than 55,000 members who provide high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the country. Specifically, the association ensures all children have access to healthful school meals and nutrition education.

Utah Donation
Giving Back to K12

In March 2015, we presented a $55,000 check to the Samaritan Community Center in Springdale, Arkansas, to support its SnackPacks for Kids program. The SnackPacks for Kids program supports approximately 7,500 children – early childhood through high school – in 120 schools across Benton, Washington, Carroll, and Madison counties. In July, we awarded $20,000 worth of grants to seven deserving school districts at the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference. Following the conference, our K12 team volunteered at the Utah Food Bank to help unload a truckload of our products that we donated.

Responsible Marketing and Advertising

Our principal marketing objective is to be the primary provider of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and prepared foods products for our customers and consumers. We use our national distribution system and customer support services to achieve the leading market position for our products. We identify distinctive markets and business opportunities through continuous consumer and market research.

Our print ads are targeted to adults, including parents and single-person or dual-person households who prepare meals at home. We do not advertise to children and we have policies in place that prevent children from providing personal information via our website.

We make judicious use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to provide opportunities for our consumers to interact with our products and share product information with their friends and families.

We grow our leading brands while supporting our strong regional and emerging brands primarily through well-defined, product-specific advertising and public relations efforts that are focused toward key consumer targets with specific needs.

Point-of-sale and marketing materials, as well as advertisements used by all Tyson Foods businesses, receive thorough internal business-unit and legal review to ensure appropriate controls over use of intellectual property and the accuracy of every product claim. We advertise in accordance with guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission and voluntary review organizations such as the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council, which includes the National Advertising Division and the Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau, and SocialMedia.Org. The internal reviews we conduct also ensure the label claims made on our products are approved by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service and meet FDA ingredient, packaging and labeling regulations.