Sustaining Our World – 2017 Sustainability Report

A Culture of Caring About Animals

Quality care of the animals in our supply chain is a top priority to ensure we offer consumers the most humanely raised food possible.

Our commitment to delivering excellence in animal welfare permeates the entire Tyson Foods enterprise, from corporate leadership to team members on the ground who interact directly with animals on a daily basis.

Our Animal Well-Being Policy and Commitment and Mission Statement are guided by the internationally recognized “Five Freedoms” for animal well-being. We encourage team members and farmer partners to respect these principles, which include:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and distress

To drive a culture of responsible animal welfare, all team members across the enterprise receive high-level training in animal well-being as part of our general compliance training. Team members in positions that require live animal handling also must complete rigorous animal welfare training before working with live animals. Our animal well-being specialists ensure that this training is delivered, updated and customized to each position — from catch crews and livestock haulers to team members in breeding houses and those who handle live animals at plants. Team members are expected to report any behavior that they know or suspect to be inappropriate to their supervisor or through our compliance and ethics hotline.

Animal Welfare in Our International Operations

As a company that has a presence internationally, we have a responsibility to ensure that our high standards of animal well-being are not only upheld across U.S. operations, but also in our operations in India and China. In these markets, our veterinary staff oversee animal welfare practices and make regular visits to monitor Chinese and Indian facilities.

We continue to explore best practices to ensure the Five Freedom principles are translated abroad. We are committed to increased visibility and continuous improvement into our international supply chain as we develop a more comprehensive understanding of the impacts in our operations there.