Sustaining Our World – 2017 Sustainability Report

We are Tyson Foods.

We are a company guided and grounded by our purpose:
raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do.

For more than 80 years, we have been committed to revolutionizing the food industry. We built our name on providing generations of families with wholesome, great-tasting chicken. We are proud of our heritage, but today’s Tyson Foods is much more. We are becoming a modern food company. As values and behaviors around food have changed, so have we. Today, we’re innovators uniquely positioned to reshape what it means to feed our world. Our broad portfolio of high-quality products and brands include:

  • Value-Added Foods: Value-added chicken, beef and pork, pepperoni, pizza toppings, bacon, deli meats, hams, franks, snacks, appetizers, side items, prepared meals, meal kits and fully cooked dinner meats
  • Prepared Foods: Pizza crusts, tortillas, soups, sauces, appetizers and side items
  • Commodity Meat and Poultry: Fresh chicken, beef and pork, and specialty meats
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Research & Development

Product ideas and innovations are born in our R&D labs.

Animal Procurement

Chicken: Pullets (parents) are raised by independent contractors then sent to our owned and leased breeder farms.

Beef: We employ cattle buyers to visit independent feed yards and public auctions to buy live cattle that are sent directly to processing.

Pork: The majority of our live hog supply is purchased from independent producers and sent directly to processing.

Raising Animals

Chicken: Pullets lay eggs at our breeder farms, then eggs are sent to our broiler hatcheries. Hatched chicks go to broiler farms where they are raised by independent contractors until ready for processing.

Pork: We raise a small number of weanling swine to sell to independent finishers and supply market hogs and live swine for our own processing needs.

Feeding Animals

We procure and produce our own scientifically formulated feed, that primarily includes corn, soybean meal and other feed ingredients for poultry and the limited number of swine that we raise.


Live animals are harvested and converted into finished products.


Animal by-product from processing is rendered for other fat or protein products.


Finished food is transported to retailers, stores, schools and institutions, or exported.