2018 Sustainability Report


Setting the Bar High for Responsible Governance

Tyson Foods is dedicated to responsible corporate governance through strong accountability practices that uphold the public’s trust in the company while maintaining the interests of our shareholders.

Our comprehensive Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance Principles guide our Board of Directors and management in effective and ethical governance. We are committed to building a Board of Directors that brings to the table a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds and leadership skills. Our Board members sit on various committees, including: 

At the end of FY2018, our Board of Directors consisted of 11 members, nine of whom were independent, including a lead independent director. Of the 11 members serving on the Board, there were three women and two minority members. During FY2018, one new director was appointed and one director resigned. Director compensation includes Tyson Foods stock. For more information about our Board of Directors and corporate governance measures, visit Investor Relations, Leadership and take a look at our 2018 Proxy Statement.

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Sustainability Governance

Our approach to sustainability is multidimensional, and we maintain an integrated strategy that allows us to drive improvements in all areas of sustainability. This strategy is supported by our President and CEO, with oversight from our Board of Directors.

Justin Whitmore, our Executive Vice President of Alternative Proteins and Chief Sustainability Officer, who reports to our President and CEO and regularly interacts with the company’s Board of Directors, is responsible for leading and implementing our sustainability strategy. Justin is supported by a team of sustainability professionals who facilitate our goal-setting efforts, including actions to manage or mitigate risks as well as the pursuit of continual improvement opportunities related to animals, communities, the environment, food and the workplace.

Our sustainability governance structure is bolstered by internal senior leaders who serve as sustainability champions for each of our business operating segments. With support from procurement, engineering, sustainability, environmental services, human resources and other key corporate functions, these leaders are responsible for developing and launching activities that support the company in achieving its sustainability goals and commitments. Our Executive Vice President of Alternative Proteins and Chief Sustainability Officer shares regular progress updates with the Governance and Nominating Committee of our Board of Directors.