Sustaining Our World – 2017 Sustainability Report

Stakeholder Engagement

We work to engage key
stakeholders across our business.

By maintaining open dialogue and communication, we are able to understand the issues and topics most important to each of our stakeholder groups. In FY2017, some of our engagements included:

  • Collaborating with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to develop industry-leading reduction targets for water and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Collaborating with OXFAM and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), to announce a commitment to new and expanded efforts to create a better workplace through more training, improving workplace safety and compensation, increasing transparency and helping workers with life skills.
  • Joining the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, a group of more than 250 CEOs who have committed to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In signing this pledge, Tyson Foods will begin to develop new initiatives to ensure our workforce is reflective of our diverse consumer base.
  • Working with OneEgg ( to increase food access and economic stability in developing countries by assisting with the construction and support of egg farms.
  • Engaging with input crop farmers to increase our local grain purchases, which we hope facilitates collaborations that ensure farmers are familiar with new technologies and best practices that positively impact the environmental, social and economic performance of their farming operations.
  • Providing input and support of ongoing protein and health research through engagement with the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and the National Pork Board. This growing body of scientific evidence related to the benefits of protein in the diet will contribute to the 2020 revision of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Summary of Stakeholder Dialogue and Outcomes

Stakeholder Group Issue Raised How We Engage and Respond
  • Fair treatment and human rights
  • Inclusion and engagement
  • Safe workplace
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Professional development
  • Regular communication
  • Environmental protection and resource conservation
  • ESL, GED, citizenship, functional literacy, financial and tax literacy, legal issues, healthcare, safety and accessing community resources and services
  • Core Values, Code of Conduct, Team Member Promise, Ethics HelpLine
  • Business resource groups
  • Safety policies, procedures, training and goals
  • Wage reviews and benefit program enhancements
  • Educational Assistance Program and Leadership College
  • Formalized internal communication activities, position statements and regular leadership meetings
  • Environmental policies, procedures and training
  • Upward Academy
Shareholders and
Potential Investors
  • Competitive returns
  • Management accountability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sound governance and ethical business practices
  • Proactive management of business risks
  • Quarterly financial reports and shareholders meeting
  • Executive outreach, conferences and earnings calls
  • Code of Conduct and Board Committees
  • Global anti-corruption policy, gift and hospitality policy, and a charitable and political contribution policy
  • Investor website
Customers and
  • Safe, quality food products
  • Nutritious options
  • Competitive and affordable prices
  • Innovative products that meet needs
  • Product information
  • Animal well-being
  • Food safety programs and procedures
  • State-of-the-art research and development facility with Consumer Sensory Panels and Consumer Focus Group Learning Center
  • Commitment to proactively managing product input costs
  • Day-to-day contact with account management teams
  • Customer and consumer response centers
  • Tyson Foods consumer website for recipes, cooking instructions, nutritional information, product locators and more
  • Office of Animal Well-Being and FarmCheck® Program
Government and
Regulatory Agencies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Transparent reporting
  • Collaboration in research and policy development
  • Program participation and partnerships
  • Management systems, policies and procedures across all aspects of the company’s annual operations
  • Annual financial reports, biennial sustainability reports, timely submission of required reports
  • External affairs staff
  • Executive outreach
  • Industry associations and partnerships
  • Timely payment
  • Fair selection and business practices
  • Opportunities for business growth
  • Understanding of Tyson Foods’ expectations
  • Competitive bidding process
  • Supplier management program
  • Supplier Code of Conduct, Supplier Diversity Program and satisfaction surveys
Local Communities
  • Economic development
  • Involvement and support of local initiatives
  • Protection of the environment
  • Employment opportunities
  • Volunteerism
  • Strategic community involvement plans
  • Donations, community outreach and disaster relief
  • Tyson Project A+™ program
  • Environmental management systems
  • Regional recruiting program
  • Partnerships and sponsorships