Sustaining Our World – 2017 Sustainability Report

A Strategy for Raising Expectations.

Our integrated strategy aims to sustainably feed the world with the fastest growing protein brands.

Everything we do at Tyson Foods starts with our purpose — to raise the world’s expectations for how much good food can do. We don’t just try to meet expectations; we try to exceed them, every day, and then consistently challenge ourselves to improve even more. We want to make a difference in the environment, in our workplace and the communities in which we operate, and a difference in animal well-being — and we want to make this difference while we sustainably feed the world.

As a result, we embarked on updating our approach to sustainability to be multidimensional – moving the business away from single-issue responses to system-level sustainability solutions. For example, we seek answers that improve outcomes across all focus areas such as animal well-being, the environment and worker safety. Such sustainability issues are often interconnected. An integrated strategy, led by Dr. Justin Ransom, Senior Director of Sustainable Food Strategy, is enabling the company to more effectively overcome or avoid unintended negative trade-offs. This creates a competitive advantage for Tyson Foods by driving improvements in all areas of sustainability at an accelerated pace.

We are committed to achieving four objectives to deliver safe, affordable, sustainable food for generations to come:

Sustainable Journey

At Tyson Foods, we’re committed to feeding the world and doing it responsibly. Learn more about our holistic approach to sustainability.

  • Establish public, bold and enterprise-wide commitments across our material sustainability issues and report regularly on our progress
  • Build a pipeline of new sustainability initiatives to deliver on our new commitments, while continuing to execute on existing programs
  • Increase transparency and engagement with key stakeholders, including our team members, customers, investors, consumers and NGOs
  • Build innovative tools, processes and performance metrics to ensure accountability and drive lasting impact in the food industry

Tyson Foods’ refreshed strategy will advance sustainability in five key areas:


We are focused on delivering the highest levels of food safety, working closely with independent farmers to reduce human-use antibiotics and offering and communicating new benefits across key business segments.

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We are committed to delivering excellence in animal health, animal handling and humane harvesting through leading-edge, third-party monitoring and continuous internal improvement through research and pilot projects.

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Our dedication to environmental leadership is grounded in developing bold, outcome-based targets across several environmental focus areas for our direct operations and supply chain as well as targeting 100-percent compliance with regulations.

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Fostering a workplace where our team members are safe, healthy and empowered to reach their unique potential. We strive to be an employer of choice with competitive compensation and benefits, inclusive business practices and a high performing, diverse team. We are committed to improving workplace health and safety for our team members as well as workplace retention.

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We are dedicated to building strong communities where we work and live. Our community engagement work focuses on reducing food insecurity and enhancing team members’ stability, resiliency and quality of life through programs such as Upward Academy.

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