Sustaining Our World – 2017 Sustainability Report

Meals that Matter®

Our disaster relief efforts overlap in purpose with our
hunger relief focus to feed those in need.

We help to deliver and serve food to local communities heavily impacted by natural disasters and experiencing an increased level of food insecurity. In FY2017, we answered the call of communities in crisis through our Meals that Matter® disaster relief program.

Meals that Matter® disaster relief program is comprised of a fully stocked 53-foot trailer that has the capacity to refrigerate up to 20,000 pounds of food and dry storage for supplies to set up feeding sites and support our on-site cooking crews. The trailer acts as a central supply unit or “mobile kitchen” that can efficiently serve as a disaster relief site. Depending on the need, the trailer is accompanied by deployment of other trailer tractors that haul food product, water and equipment. In addition, Tyson Foods has donated two Mobile Command Centers to Team Rubicon since 2014, which include sleeping quarters, and office and storage space for staff and volunteers. These Centers were deployed in support of our relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

We collaborate with several key partners when implementing the Meals that Matter® disaster relief program in the field:

  • Feeding America: This long-standing partnership allows us to utilize their network of food banks, resources, community contacts, volunteers and storage to respond quickly and effectively in the wake of disasters.
  • Team Rubicon: This nonprofit partner leverages the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to provide emergency response teams during disasters.
  • Bimbo Bakeries USA: In FY2017, we established an official partnership with Bimbo Bakeries USA. The company supplies our on-site cooking crews with bread, bun and roll products, as the protein primarily served through the Meals that Matter® disaster relief program is in the form of handheld sandwiches.
  • Hugg & Hall Equipment Co.: In FY2017, we also announced an official partnership with Hugg & Hall Equipment Co., which provides us with regional support during disaster relief efforts by supplying lighting, power, material handling, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment as needed.
  • American Egg Board (AEB): As a result of working closely with AEB in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, we formalized our relationship in January 2018 to partner on disaster relief efforts on an ongoing basis.
  • Pepper Source: In FY2017, we took additional steps to solidify our partnership with Pepper Source. They provide the Meals that Matter® Disaster Relief Team with a wide assortment of dipping sauces and other products used at our feeding sites during a deployment.

Our Meals that Matter® Disaster Relief Team provided and served 3,769,008 meals to victims, volunteers and first responders of disasters in FY2017. Highlights included:

  • In the aftermath of historic flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida, Tyson Foods’ Meals that Matter® Disaster Relief Teams served and distributed a combined 2,954,134 meals from September 1 to September 21 in Florida and Texas.
  • Cook teams set up in Conroe and Rockport, Texas, served 916,018 meals that were distributed by local volunteers. 32,000 meals, ice and bottled water were distributed to Tyson team members in Houston. In addition, 700,000 meals were donated to Feeding America food banks in Harris and Montgomery counties.
  • In response to the deadly tornadoes that devastated the southeastern U.S. in early 2017, we donated 280,000 servings of protein to local Feeding America food banks in Georgia and Mississippi, providing thousands of meals to local residents in need.