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ESG Data Center

Topic FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Corporate Metrics
Financial Impact
Topic: Revenues ($ billion) FY2018: $40.1 FY2019: $42.4 FY2020: $43.2
Topic: Net Income ($ billion) FY2018:$3.0 FY2019:$2.0 FY2020:$2.1
Topic: Total Assets ($ billion) FY2018:$29.1 FY2019:$33.1 FY2020:$34.5
Topic: Research and Development Spending ($ million) FY2018:$114 FY2019:$97 FY2020:$98
Topic: Beef (approx. avg. head per week) avg. capacity utilization 77% FY2018:133,000 FY2019:155,000 FY2020:155,000
Topic: Pork (approx. avg. head per week) avg. capacity utilization 90% FY2018:408,000 FY2019:461,000 FY2020:461,000
Topic: Chicken (approx. avg. head per week) avg. capacity utilization 84% FY2018:37,000,000 FY2019:45,000,000 FY2020:45,000,000
Topic: Prepared foods (approx. avg. pounds per week) avg. capacity utilization 81% FY2018:66,000,000 FY2019:76,000,000 FY2020:74,000,000
Topic: Total Farmers FY2018:9,248 FY2019:9,247 FY2020:>16,827
Topic: Chicken Framers FY2018:3,564 FY2019:3,925 FY2020:3,890
Topic: Cattle Farmers FY2018:3,775 FY2019:3,607 FY2020:3,358
Topic: Hog Farmers FY2018:1,811 FY2019:1,617 FY2020:1,483
Topic: Turkey Farmers FY2018:98 FY2019:98 FY2020:96
Topic: Tyson Local Grain Services Grain Suppliers FY2018:NA FY2019:NA FY2020:>8,000
Topic: Certified Labs2 FY2018:16 FY2019:16 FY2020:16
Topic: Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certified Plants FY2018:106 FY2019:113 FY2020:114
Topic: Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified Plants FY2018:25 FY2019:35 FY2020:33
Topic: British Retail Consortium (BRC) Certified Plants FY2018:79 FY2019:78 FY2020:81
Topic: Product Recalls FY2018:
2 (Popcorn Chicken, Chicken Patties)
5 (Panko Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Strips (Expansion), Foodservice Chicken Fritters, Chicken Patties, Beef Patties
1 (Beef Patties)
Broiler Chickens
Topic: Transport Liveability FY2018:99.83% FY2019:99.9% FY2020:99.9%
Topic: Non-Damaged Wings FY2018:98.88% FY2019:98.8% FY2020:98.9%
Topic: Acceptable Paw Scores FY2018:78%2 FY2019:81.0% FY2020:82.8%
Cattle & Hogs
Topic: No Falls FY2018:99.15% FY2019:99.9% FY2020:99.9%
Topic: Not Prodded FY2018:99.15% FY2019:99.9% FY2020:99.9%
Topic: Acceptable Wait Time FY2018:94.02% FY2019:96.8% FY2020:97.4%
Topic: Notices of Violation (NOV) FY2018:76 FY2019:48 FY2020:31
Topic: Penalties Per Fiscal Year FY2018:$2,064,503 FY2019:$36,323 FY2020:$95,912
Topic: Total Reportable Chemical Spills (e.g., chemicals, fats, oils, fuels) FY2018:432 FY2019:38 FY2020:26
Topic: Water Use Intensity at Production Facilities (gallons used to produce a pound of finished product) FY2018:1.00 FY2019:0.96 FY2020:0.95
Topic: Water Withdrawal* (billion gallons) FY2018:30.91 FY2019:30.79 FY2020:30.82
Water withdrawal by source
Topic: Municipal Water FY2018:80% FY2019:79% FY2020:86%
Topic: Well Water FY2018:20% FY2019:21% FY2020:14%
Water Discharge by Destination
Fresh Surface Water FY2018:45% FY2019:45% FY2020:46%
Irrigation FY2018:11% FY2019:11% FY2020:12%
Publicly Owned Treatement Facility FY2018:44% FY2019:44% FY2020:42%
Topic: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity (metric tons CO2e to produce 1,000 pounds of finished product) FY2018:0.20 FY2019:0.21 FY2020:0.19
Topic: Scope 1 GHG Emissions (Million Metric Tonnes CO2e) FY2018:3.51 FY2019:4.44 FY2020:3.83
Topic: Scope 2 GHG Emissions (Million Metric Tonnes CO2e) FY2018:2.76 FY2019:2.25 FY2020:2.34
Topic: Energy Use Intensity (Btu used to produce a pound of finished product) FY2018:1,877 FY2019:1,840 FY2020:1,832
Topic: Total Energy Use (Million mmBtu) FY2018:56.80 FY2019:59.10 FY2020:58.70
Topic: Non-renewable Fuel (Million mmBtu) FY2018:39.90 FY2019:42.33 FY2020:41.52
Topic: Electricity (Million mmBtu) FY2018:15.66 FY2019:15.65 FY2020:16.25
Topic: Renewable Fuel (Million mmBtu) FY2018:1.25 FY2019:1.09 FY2020:0.97
Topic: Waste Generated (million pounds) FY2018:4,315 FY2019:2,423 FY2020:6,482
Topic: Waste to Landfill (million pounds) FY2018:816 FY2019:366 FY2020:1,283
Topic: Waste Diverted from Landfill (million pounds) FY2018:3,500 FY2019:2,057 FY2020:5,199
Topic: Recycle & Beneficial Reuse3 Rate FY2018:81% FY2019:85% FY2020:80%
Topic: Landfill Waste Intensity (pounds landfilled to produce 100 pounds of finished product) FY2018:2.64 FY2019:1.14 FY2020:3.95
Topic: U.S. FY2018:116,000 FY2019:122,000 FY2020:120,000
Topic: Outside U.S. FY2018:5,000 FY2019:19,000 FY2020:19,000
Team Members by Gender1
Male FY2018:61% FY2019:60% FY2020:60%
Female FY2018:39% FY2019:40% FY2020:40%
Team Members by Category1
Full-Time Team Members FY2018:99% FY2019:99% FY2020:99%
Part-Time Team Members FY2018:1% FY2019:1% FY2020:1%
Salaried Team Members FY2018:11% FY2019:11% FY2020:11%
Hourly Team Members FY2018:89% FY2019:89% FY2020:87%
Retention Rate FY2018:61.3% FY2019:64.6% FY2020:65.5%
Topic: Average Hourly Pay for U.S. Team Members FY2018:$14.96 FY2019:$15.77 FY2020:$16.24
Topic: Total Recordable Incident Rate: Number of work-related injuries and illnesses per 100 team members. FY2018:3.94 FY2019:3.32 FY2020:2.76
Topic: Days Away, Restricted and Transfer Rate: Number of work-related injuries and illnesses resulting in a team member missing work, having restricted work activity or being transferred from their regular work assignment per 100 team members. FY2018:2.94 FY2019:2.43 FY2020:2.07
Topic: Lost Time Incident Rate: Number of work-related injury and illnesses that result in one or more days away from work per 100 team members. FY2018:0.76 FY2019:0.74 FY2020:0.66
Topic: Number of Facilities Audited FY2018:31 FY2019:37 FY2020:40
Topic: Average Score FY2018:96% FY2019:N/A FY2020:N/A
Audit Findings
Topic:Health & Safety FY2018:51% FY2019:52% FY2020:43%
Topic:Labor FY2018:43% FY2019:38% FY2020:52%
Topic:Environment FY2018:6% FY2019:10% FY2020:5%
Topic:Business Integrity FY2018:0% FY2019:0% FY2020:0%
Ethics Numbers
Topic:Ethics Help Line Contacts Received FY2018:5,379 FY2019:5,527 FY2020:4,762
Topic:Help Line Contacts Investigated3 FY2018:4,337 FY2019:3,718 FY2020:1,830
Topic:Unsubstantiated After Investigation FY2018:77% FY2019:75% FY2020:82%
Topic:Calls Investigated and Resolved FY2018:23% FY2019:25% FY2020:18%
Topic:Help Line Contacts Referred to Other teams for Resolution3 FY2018:1,042 FY2019:1,279 FY2020:2,932
Ethics Help Line Compliant Areas
Topic:Employment Practices (Employee Matters) FY2018:53% FY2019:43% FY2020:57%
Topic:Harassment & Discrimination FY2018:26% FY2019:17% FY2020:19%
Topic:Management Style FY2018:17% FY2019:28% FY2020:23%
Topic:Other FY2018:4% FY2019:12% FY2020:0%

ESG Data Center Endnotes


  1. This data includes our U.S. operations. Keystone Foods is included in FY2020 data but is not included in FY2018 and FY2019. 2Our certifications include A2LA 17025 and ISO 9001-2015, as well as state-certified labs at some of our beef and pork plants.


  1. Metrics based on our U.S. operations only. Metrics do not include Keystone Foods. Percent acceptable as audited against NCC Welfare Guidelines for Broilers or NAMI Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines [September 2019 Rev. 2] for cattle and hogs.


Compliance Metrics

  1. Our FY2018 compliance data includes Tyson Foods U.S.-based operations and The Pork Group only. Tyson Foods U.S.-based operations, The Pork Group, AdvancePierre Foods, Original Philly, Keystone Foods U.S.-based operations, American Proteins and Tecumseh Poultry are included in our FY2019 and FY2020 compliance data.
  2. Details regarding these spills are available in the GRI Index.


  1. Our FY2018 water footprint includes data from our Tyson Foods U.S.-based operations only. Data for Tyson Foods U.S.-based operations, AdvancePierre Foods, Original Philly, Keystone Foods U.S.-based operations, American Proteins and Tecumseh Poultry are included in FY2019 and FY2020.

Energy and Emissions

  1. Our FY2020 emissions include data from our Tyson Foods U.S-based operations, The Pork Group, hog buying stations, AdvancePierre Foods, Original Philly, Keystone Foods U.S.-based operations, American Proteins and Tecumseh Poultry. If AdvancePierre Foods, Original Philly, Keystone Foods U.S.-based operations, American Proteins and Tecumseh Poultry were excluded from our FY2020 emissions data, we would have reduced our Scope 1 + 2 emissions over 114,000 metric tons over our baseline year.

Waste Generation

  1. FY2018 and FY2019 includes data from our U.S.-based operations except U.S.-based Cobb-Vantress, The Pork Group, hog buying stations, Keystone Foods, American Proteins, Inc., and Tecumseh Poultry. FY2020 data includes all U.S. based operations as well as U.S.-based Cobb-Vantress, The Pork Group, Keystone Foods, American Proteins, Inc., and Tecumseh Poultry. FY2020 data does not include hog buying stations. International data is not included in any waste metrics. The increase in waste generated can be attributed to improved data reporting with our waste vendors regarding the amount of waste generated and recycled in our operations, including food waste.
  2. FY2019 waste data has been restated from our previous sustainability report due to improved data collection and analytics.
  3. Beneficial reuse can include activities such as composting, land application and digestion.



  1. Includes all U.S. team members as well as U.S. Cobb-Vantress team members.

Health and Safety

  1. Keystone Foods is included in FY2020 data, but not FY2018 and FY2019. International international facilities are not included in the data. Additionally, we have restated our Lost Time Incident Rate and Days Away, Restricted and Transfer Rate for FY2018 and FY2019 due to the numbers being inverted in the table.

Ethics and Compliance

  1. Audit data includes all U.S. Tyson production facilities, including all legacy acquisition production facilities.
  2. Ethics data includes U.S. and non-U.S. locations
  3. In FY2020, a new system of classification went into effect, which separated violations of the Code of Conduct into Investigations matters, while routine issues that did not require investigation were treated as Referrals. Referrals include routine operational and human resources matters, and they are referred to the appropriate parties for handling.