Sustaining Our World – 2017 Sustainability Report

Offering a Broad Portfolio
of Protein Products

Tyson Foods is committed to providing consumers with product options that contribute to a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

We consider protein to be the “hero nutrient,” playing an essential role in a well-balanced diet. From birth through childrens early formative years, protein is critical to help ensure proper growth and development. In adulthood, protein is important in helping maintain vital muscle mass and a healthy weight as we age. New science also suggests that protein can help to reduce hunger.

Today, 60 percent of consumers are actively trying to increase the protein in their diets, outranking other food attributes such as all-natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.1 Eating habits continue to shift from the traditional ‘three square meals a day’ to more snacking throughout the day. We strive to provide a variety of protein options to consumers that satisfy these changing eating preferences in a way that is convenient, safe and tasty.

Tyson Foods is strategically focused on growing our portfolio of protein products. In 2017, we acquired two protein-focused companies:

Our existing protein portfolio contains several top-selling brands that provide an excellent source of protein to our consumers. Consumers can find protein-packed options in any of these brands: Jimmy Dean®, Tyson®, Hillshire Farm®, Ball Park®, and Aidells®.

Improving the Product Attributes

We look for opportunities to provide simpler products with fewer additives. During 2017, our Ball Park® brand, America’s top seller of beef hot dogs, removed added nitrates from its retail line of products and eliminated all by-products and added fillers from the meat line. These ingredients were replaced with natural alternatives including celery juice powder and sea salt.

The FDA made a final determination in 2015 that mandated food companies remove partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) from food products by June 2018. We have implemented a strategy to ensure compliance without sacrificing product performance and taste.

Offering Consumers Choice

Our diverse product portfolio meets the evolving nutritional demands and preferences of consumers by offering options with attributes such as protein-focused, gluten-free, reduced sodium, 100 percent all natural, whole grain, organic or no antibiotics ever, as well as alternative protein options. We are committed to innovating new products that better serve the changing eating habits and preferences of our consumers.

K-12 Nutrition

We are committed to making the most wholesome, safe and nutritious products to be sold in schools, including those we make for our Tyson Foodservice K-12 business. Highlights from our FY2017 K-12 initiatives include:

  • Transitioning all K-12 commodity chicken products to No Artificial Ingredients and the USDA Verified claim of Chicken Raised with No Antibiotics Ever for the 2018-2019 school year, with some meeting our 100 percent All Natural claim; and
  • Expanding our K-12 Full Line Portfolio in FY2017 by adding eight new innovative items. Our Chef Pierre® Whole Grain Buttermilk Biscuit is a great new item for schools to use at breakfast, which is the fastest-growing daypart. Also, kids’ palates continue to expand, and in response we’ve added two new items to our Tyson Wei Café® product line, Thai Lemongrass and Spicy Korean BBQ Strips.

All of our K-12 product sold for school meals meets or exceeds National School Lunch and Breakfast program standards. Additionally:

  • 28 products adhere to USDA’s “Smart Snacks in Schools” regulations
  • 63 products are Kid Tested, Kid Approved™ products
  • 134 products carry the Whole Grain Stamp from the Whole Grain Council
  • 139 products are eligible for federal funds reimbursement for schools and meet school lunch nutrition standards through 2022
  • 280+ products meet specific school nutrition regulations for saturated fat, sodium and calorie content
  • 70 products are a part of the Cool School Café® program for school year 2017-2018, which offers reward points to schools for purchasing those products that can then be used to purchase items that benefit the school district.

We continue to remain active in our support of school nutrition through various initiatives. We are a longtime sponsor and Patron Member of the School Nutrition Association, a nonprofit that advocates for high-quality, low-cost meals to students and ensures all children have access to healthy school meals and nutritional education. We have expanded upon our Share Our Strength Partnership, in our efforts to be the K-12 industry leader in educating Food Service Directors on the importance and ease of instituting an After-School Feeding program to fight against childhood food insecurity outside of normal school hours.

1 Source: The Hartman Group, Inc. – Health + Wellness 2017 Report