2018 Sustainability Report


We’re committed to innovating new products that recognize consumers’ changing relationship with food.

Redefining What it Means to be a Protein Company

Our leadership team is strategically focused on innovation and shaping the future of food. We’re investing in disruptive food ideas like alternative proteins, products that fight food waste and new uses of food safety and supply chain technologies.

Tyson’s Research and Development (R&D) team is made up of food scientists, chefs, registered dietitians, engineers and sensory experts who conduct scientific testing, prototyping and new product development to deliver new and improved product attributes to our consumers. In FY2018, Tyson Foods invested $114 million in R&D.

Invested in R&D

Supply Chain Technologies

Exploring New Supply Chain Technologies

Consumers are driving demand for more transparency and traceability in the products they buy – food included. Because of this shift, we’re exploring blockchain technology in our supply chain as we seek to develop capabilities that will enable us to provide the next level of transparency that consumers seek.

In 2018, we selected FoodLogiQ, the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of food safety compliance, whole chain traceability and supply chain transparency solutions, and its Connect Manage + Monitor product to help improve our global supply chain visibility, streamline our supplier management and build quality issue tracking and reporting. This will lay the foundation for a potential digital transformation of our supplier management system and test the applicability of blockchain within our supply chain.

Read more on the Food Safety & Quality page.

Tyson Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab is run by an elite team charged with driving faster innovation, new growth and increased speed to market for new products. The Lab’s framework uses a startup mindset and mentality through a unique acceleration phase that enables the team to create and test a product in a six-month window. Our Innovation Lab team is consistently challenged to remain agile and maintain this speed to market.

The Innovation Lab’s creation is a result of taking a step back and looking at how things could be done differently. We continue to build our innovation pipeline with sustainability in mind.


Highlights from the Innovation Lab’s 2018 efforts include:

  • Flashfood: Innovation Lab partnered and ran a market test in April 2018 for three months with Toronto-based Flashfood to offer boxes of high-quality surplus food to Detroit area families through a direct-to-consumer offering called flashfoodbox. Each box contains about 15 pounds of surplus food and provides wholesome protein and produce at less than $4 per serving, while also reducing food waste.
  • ¡Yappah!™: Innovation Lab launched its first product, ¡Yappah! Chicken Crisps, using our own rescued vegetable purees and grains like malted barley from beer brewing. This revolutionary protein snack directly tackles food waste and was named one of the year’s Top 10 Smartest Sustainable Products by Time, recognizing our role as a leader in disruptive innovation in the industry.
Innovation Lab Team

Investing in Alternative Proteins

We are combining our creativity, scale and resources to make great tasting protein alternatives more accessible for everyone. To deliver on this commitment, we will be leveraging the resources we have at our disposal, our insights, our innovation, manufacturing, sales, distribution and our global footprint. In 2019, we plan to launch new products in the alternative protein space.

Tyson Ventures

As part of the corporate commitment to continually innovate,  Tyson Ventures (TV) makes minority stake investments in early stage companies. The $150 million fund invests in promising entrepreneurial food businesses that can benefit from our scale and align with Tyson Foods’ corporate purpose: Raising the world's expectations for how much good food can do.

TV is focused on six areas:

  • Innovative, protein-centric products and ingredients

  • Disruptive delivery channels and growing market access

  • Emerging brands and categories

  • Technology-enabled operational enhancements

  • Sustainability improvements to our operations

  • Operational and supply chain safety

With growing demand for proteins of all kind, TV has made investments in alternative protein startups Beyond MeatMemphis Meats and Future Meat Technologies.

Additional investments included in TV’s portfolio: 

Tovala, a Chicago-based food startup that makes smart countertop steam ovens along with delivery of fresh, easy and ready- to-cook meals for busy consumers. 

FoodLogiQ, a company with the mission to map the world’s food chain, make it as safe as possible, and empower people to make informed decisions about the food they eat.

Myco Technology, a food technology company that uses mushroom to improve the taste and protein content of food products, providing consumers with alternatives and companies with natural ingredient options.

Clear Labs, a hardware, software and data analysis company that has developed a food analytics platform designed to translate molecular tests into actionable
food safety data insights. 

TV Focus Areas

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