Sustaining Our World – 2017 Sustainability Report

Sourcing Ingredients Responsibly

Quality products are dependent upon the quality ingredients from which they are made.

We work with trusted ingredient suppliers who are committed to the same high level of food safety and ingredient quality as we are. All suppliers are required to comply with regulations and standards relevant to their operations as set forth by the USDA and FDA, such as complying with Good Manufacturing Practice and implementing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points programs. Ingredient suppliers must also be certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative, an industry-driven global collaboration to promote food safety.

We work closely and proactively with strategic procurement partners to leverage responsible practices in our commodities and ingredient supply chain. We invest billions each year in commodities and ingredients needed to run our day-to-day operations, including:

  • Agricultural commodities such as wheat, corn, rice, soy, dairy and vegetables
  • Ingredients that advance food safety, enhance flavor profiles and protect product integrity such as our own proprietary technologies that extend shelf life.

We purchase the majority of ingredients and agricultural commodities from domestic suppliers in support of U.S. farmers and businesses. The remaining ingredients are sourced from various locations across the globe.

Tyson Local Grain Services

Tyson Local Grain Services

We are committed to building resources for and relations with the grain farmers who provide homegrown corn for our birds.

As part of a commitment to local sourcing, we have increased engagement with the local communities upon which we rely to run our operations. We are actively growing relationships in small communities through our Local Grain Services (LGS) program, which was designed to generate positive economics for farming and poultry production and drive sustainable ‘farm-to-table’ food production.

LGS seeks to increase on-farm income while decreasing our input costs by eliminating supply chain inefficiencies and waste. This fosters a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial to both our suppliers and our business.

We established a goal to source 33 million bushels of locally grown corn for our poultry feed mills through LGS in FY2017. We exceeded this goal, with more than 40 million bushels in FY2017. This amount represented approximately 19 percent of our total annual corn use. Due to this success, our commodities purchasing team has increased this goal for FY2018 and will strive to achieve 24 percent of our total annual corn use sourced locally through LGS.

LGS provides environmental benefits as well. By sourcing grains closer to our birds, we reduce energy use associated with transportation. In the long-term, we hope to facilitate discussions and collaborations that ensure farmers are familiar with new technologies, research and best practices that can drive continual environmental, social and economic improvements with their farming operations.