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We’re a company built on faith, family, hard work and a tradition of doing what’s right.

Maintaining a culture that reflects our core values is an ongoing task as we acquire new companies and grow our business. Our team members play a key role in helping us stay true to these values. We support them by making sure they have the tools and resources they need to be successful and by establishing transparent, two-way communication with all our employees.

Most of our global workforce is hourly and works in our U.S. chicken, beef, pork and prepared foods production facilities. The remainder of our U.S. team members are salaried and primarily work in plant management support and corporate positions.

Workplace Support

We offer programs to better support hourly team members in the areas of workplace training, safety, compensation and benefits, and life skills. To measure progress against these initiatives, we work toward three ongoing, year-over year workplace goals. These goals are:

  • Reduce Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) year over year.
  • Achieve an increase in employee retention year over year.
  • Extend onsite access to all hourly team members to build foundational skills through adult basic education, English as a second language, citizenship assistance and financial and digital literacy classes.

To meet these goals, we promote a culture of safety and caring in our plants. We evaluate specific departments within plants that generate the most instability to determine if they are candidates for process improvement. Practices like these have made Tyson Foods the employer of choice in numerous labor markets and have improved our performance in several industry benchmarks.

We maintain communications at all levels of the organization to eliminate unsafe behaviors and conditions. The engagement of hourly team members is a vital part of this process. A primary communication vehicle is our We Care platform and our certified Exposure Reduction Coaches. Across all business units, we execute a “span of control” project that involves hiring additional production supervisors to help drive improvements in safety, retention and performance.

We also offer a language and life skills program, known as Upward Academy, in many Tyson Foods locations. Onsite access to adult basic education, English as a second language, citizenship assistance and financial and digital literacy classes help employees integrate into their communities and position them to realize their full potential.

Total Upward Academy
Locations / Projections

Bar chart showing Tyson Foods' yearly total upward academy locations from fiscal year 2016 through fiscal year 2021 and the projections for 2022

Additionally, we collaborate with partners like the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), Matrix Medical, Axiom Medical and local and state adult education providers as we implement and evolve workplace enhancements. We believe overall relations with our workforce are positive.

Talent Strategy

A comprehensive talent strategy is increasingly essential in the workplace. Our talent strategy focuses on attracting the best talent—recognizing and rewarding their performance, while developing and retaining them. Our work focuses on team member experience, removing barriers to engagement, further modernizing the human relations process, focusing on hourly team member retention and accelerating the impact of best-in-class talent practices. Three talent objectives support our “grow, deliver, sustain” strategy:

  • Zero Talent “Outages”: We strive to grow and develop the different capabilities and skills that we need for the future. This includes focusing on current workforce development and recruiting new team members with the skills needed for future business growth.
  • Succession Planning versus Replacement: We strive to maintain a robust pipeline of talent, actively developing our current team members throughout the organization and engaging with potential team members externally so that we have a strong talent pool to pull from when movement happens.
  • Be a Talent Magnet: Our goal is to be the employer of choice within our markets and peer groups.

Within Tyson Foods’ Talent, Inclusion & Culture function, the talent acquisition team equips and enables our businesses to hire talent that solves future business challenges through standardization, talent strategy and engagement. The team focuses on development of talent sourcing strategies that identify best-in-class target industries, companies and schools to acquire desired capabilities.


Our recruitment efforts also aim to build a diverse organization that brings experiences and backgrounds as diverse as the consumer marketplace we serve. To this end, we actively engage in military, LGBTQ, college and other diversity recruiting efforts. To improve access to a diverse talent pool, our talent acquisition team partners with the National Urban League, a nonpartisan historic civil rights organization that advocates on behalf of economic and social justice for African Americans and against racial discrimination in the U.S., to provide monthly Tyson Foods- sponsored webinars highlighting our careers, Tyson Foods guest speakers who discuss career development and one-on-one virtual conversations with potential candidates.

Succession Planning

To move the needle on succession planning, we utilize a talent mapping process that begins with the team member’s perspective on career aspirations and focuses on investing in the development of a team member to build a more robust pipeline of talent. Leaders within functions across the organization utilize the talent mapping process, focusing on motivation, adaptability and performance. Leaders’ experience with mapping gives them greater visibility into our pool of exceptional talent and allows us to place team members into positions better aligned with their career aspirations and goals. We also have succession plans for top-level leadership positions, including many critical roles across the enterprise. We review these plans regularly and update them as necessary.

Team Member Onboarding

Utilizing a standard onboarding process, we welcome team members from new acquisitions in Europe, Asia-Pacific, China and Korea into our business as one Tyson. This approach includes establishing project leads who act as communication liaisons and help scale and resolve issues, as well as onboarding templates and documentation. Integration of new businesses and support of new team members continues as we grow the business and expand our presence in the U.S. and internationally.

Faith in the Workplace

Tyson’s culture is what we call “faith-friendly.” Many team members come to work with a set of beliefs about themselves, their world and how they should live in it. Our team members’ beliefs matter, and their respectful expressions are welcomed. Tyson’s chaplaincy program makes dedicated chaplains available at our plants to listen, offer support and talk to team members about daily life.

Team Member Engagement

We strive to be the most sought-after place to work in the food industry. To that end, we pay close attention to the engagement of our Team Members. We run regular engagement and pulse surveys to gauge the feeling of our team in relation to working at Tyson. This year we hosted our first ever One Tyson Engagement Survey. Targeting our entire team all the way to the frontline, we heard from over 40,000 team members and received over 50,000 written comments on how we are doing. Our overall engagement score is 81, a score that surpasses benchmarks in other high performing and manufacturing companies. We use the survey data to inform our actions throughout the year, and leadership communicates the survey results and action plans as well as tracking and communicating progress along the way.

Total Upward Academy
Locations / Projections