2018 Sustainability Report

Letter from the Tyson Family

In 1935, John W. Tyson started trucking chickens from Northwest Arkansas to markets in the Midwest because times were hard, and he was looking for a better way to provide for his family.

He had an idea and, more importantly, the courage to make it happen. As a result, he created the foundation of what is now the nation’s largest food company.

As members of the Tyson family, we’re proud of what he started and what our company has become. Although times have changed, one thing has remained consistent - Tyson Foods’ commitment to the same values important to our family, including truth, integrity and trust. We’re also grateful the company’s leaders and team members have that same desire to continually make our business better.

Tyson Foods has always strived for excellence and continuous improvement. That’s why we’re proud of Tyson Foods’ 2018 sustainability report, which helps more formally measure and share our progress in such important areas as food, animal welfare, the environment, workplace and communities.

We especially want to express our support for the bold sustainability commitments Tyson Foods has made, including:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases by 30 percent by 2030
  • Reduce water intensity by 12 percent by 2020
  • Increase sustainable land and stewardship practices on 2 million acres by 2020
  • Build a highly engaged team with a 10 percent increase in retention
  • Create a safer workplace by reducing OSHA recordables by 10 percent year-over-year
  • Aspire to offer English as a second language and financial literacy training to all employees

The theme of this year’s report is Sustaining Our World, Together. It’s an appropriate message since we know that sustainably feeding the world requires everyone’s support, as well as the same dedication that John W. Tyson showed, to find “a better way.”

The Tyson Family

Tyson Family